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A wonderful event by Dynamo Camp, a recreational therapy facility in the Tuscan Apennines, that provides free hospitality to children with serious chronic conditions.
For some years now, the Centre has organised a fund-raising event in May with a long-distance bike-ride following two different routes. A nice way to combine sport with helping others.

Paola Manfredi, Riccione


We ought to have skis rather than bikes: we are at the beginning of June and it is snowing heavily. Walls of snow still along the sides of the roads Absolutely freezing going uphill. You can imagine the descent …
Oh yes the route: starting from Bormio and finishing at the Stelvio, going through… the Mortirolo Pass.
150 km and well over 4,000 m in altitude gains.
The motto of the event is “are you tough enough?”. Well, exactly, ask me the question beforehand next time.

Lodovico Pazzi, Roma


On the Dolomites for a fabulous bike festival. The world’s most beautiful mountain roads closed to motor traffic and invaded by cyclists of all ages. It takes place every year in June and September. Try it at least once.

Luigi Ferrari - Milano

Selle Italia

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