Ultimate quality for over 120 years. Built on a history of Italian craftsmanship and premium materials, Selle Italia has been leading the pack for well over a century. Revolutionising the cycling industry time and time again, our saddles are all about combining the perfect fit with incredible performance.


Developing unique saddle profiles like SLR, Flite, Novus, and X-Bow allows you to find a saddle that's been fine-tuned for your next ride. Embracing advanced technologies before anyone else, our range uses innovative 3D printing construction techniques, carbon-reducing Greentech, and high-performance carbon fibre shells. Top-of-the-line materials like TI 316 rails keep things lightweight, premium leathers improve durability, and lightweight gels keep things comfortable. Our passion was born from road cycling, but now our expertise covers every discipline of cycling with rugged off-road saddles, comfortable e-bike saddles, and reliable gravel saddles.


Classic Italian cycling heritage meets the world's most advanced technologies. Built for performance, comfort, and reliability, Selle Italia saddles are in a league of their own. Find your next ride.