Flite Boost Kit Carbonio

High performance, resistance and comfort; three inseparable characteristics in one saddle. The classic Flite transforms itself with modern technologies and premium carbon rails.

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1 Year Extra-Warranty


*70% discount voucher on the same product if accidentally broken within the first week.


*35% discount voucher on the same product or subsequent version if damaged or broken during the first 3 years (2 commutings).

Compact and comfortable, yet strong, the Flite Boost Kit Carbonio is your perfect companion on the road. The iconic flat seat and short, aerodynamic style is the perfect platform to provide stability and performance on the longest of cycles. The durable Fibra-Tek finish is built to last while the extra-long Carbon rails allow for more adjustability. This is the saddle to ride to your next podium finish.

Technical Specifications

Weight S3 173 g – L3 180 g
Dimensions S3 135 x 250 mm – L3 145 x 250 mm
Rail Carbon +10mm Ø7x9
Intended use Road
Family Flite

Materials and Shapes

Technical microfiber cover material that guarantees a strong and durable lifetime at a very low weight.

+10 mm longer Carbon rail ø7x9 mm to ensure lightness,
resistance and a wider range of regulation of the saddle.

Flat saddles are suggested for Dynamic Riders or individuals who have an Anterior Pelvic Tilt.

Shell made with carbon composite and high grade nylon polymer.

Flite Boost Kit Carbonio | S1,Black

Flite Boost Kit Carbonio

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