Go for comfort on your next ride with a performance-driven e-bike saddle. Designed with comfort in mind for e-mountain biking and e-biking rides, lightweight gel brings an extra layer of cushioning without adding considerable weight, our tried and tested Superflow cutout relieves pressure on the perineum, and TI 316 rails help soak up vibrations from the trail and road. The unique rail fixing system of the neutral-shaped X-Bow saddle allows for the shell to be flexible, so even the roughest surfaces become smooth. For the ultimate cushioning and comfort, finish your bike with a Comfort Plus saddle with four times the amount of standard gel padding.


Ride knowing that you're doing your part for the planet and choose an environmentally friendly saddle that's been made with the carbon emission-reducing Made in Italy process and the glueless Greentech technology. Pick comfort, support, and quality every time you ride with an e-bike saddle that's been perfected over the last 120 years. Upgrade your commute, get more from your weekend cycles, and go on your longest ride yet.