Static riders with posterior pelvic tilt rejoice. The waved-shaped Novus line of saddles help hold you in a position that increases comfort and efficiency on every ride.


The premium Novus Boost Evo Kit Carbonio Superflow blends all our best tech and features, like a stiff carbon shell and long carbon rails, to create a race-ready saddle. Take on epic rides and stay in the saddle all day long with our Novus Endurance TI 316 thanks to its extra padding. The Novus shape is available across our range of saddles like the female-specific Novus Boost Evo Lady TM Superflow, wide-fitting Max Novus Boost Evo TI 316 Gel Superflow, and the pink colourway of the Novus Boost Evo TM Superflow Giro d'Italia.

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