SLR Boost 3D TI 316 Superflow

Improve your road cycling performance with the TI 316 rails of the 3D printed SLR Boost 3D TI 316 Superflow.

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Made with a proprietary, 3D printed pattern, the SLR Boost 3D TI 316 Superflow provides support on the toughest road rides helping you conquer the steepest of climbs and fastest descents. The differentiated cushioning zones give progressive absorption and TI 316 rails provide strength and ensure comfort on every pedal stroke. This high-tech road-specific saddle with Carbon DLS™ Technology is one of the most advanced on the market and is the perfect way to finish your dream build.

Technical Specifications

Weight S3 200 g (± 8%) - L3 205 g (± 8%)
Dimensions S3 130 x 248 mm – L3 145 x 248 mm
Rail TI 316 Tube Ø7 mm
Intended use Road
Family SLR

Materials and Shapes

The Superflow technology drastically reduces all physical limitations caused by prolonged pressure in the perineal area.

Rail increased by up to 25% resistance and durability and reduced by 15% weight compared with traditional rails, ø 7 mm.

3D printed cover with dedicated and proprietary pattern featuring differentiated cushioning zones that provide progressive absorption over the entire surface area, ensuring the cyclist optimal comfort and support. 

SLR Boost 3D TI 316 Superflow | S3,Black

SLR Boost 3D TI 316 Superflow

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