Milan, 25th October 2016. It had been in the air for a while, but now it is finally official: the details of the 2017 Giro route have more than measured up to expectations. No-one could have asked for more and now, suddenly, exciting new scenarios have opened up to cycling buffs and sector experts. Six stages for sprinters, 6 for mountainous terrain, 7 for hilly terrain and 2 time-trial stages. A rip-roaring 3,572.2-kilometre adventure traversing the length and the breadth of Italy, a ride which has been meticulously mapped out in order to retrace the intimately interlaced histories of Italy and cycling. The race leaves from Sardinia on the 5th May, after which two stages have been planned in Sicily (including the uphill climb to Etna on day 9) before reaching the mainland. The Monza racetrack in Milan will then act as a dramatic backdrop for a thrilling finale on day 28.

This hundredth edition of the historical Giro has been impeccably organised by Rcs Sport-La Gazzetta dello Sport, moulding it artfully to the Boot of Italy, buffing it to a sheen and bedecking it with the glorious icons of past ages to honour this rare occasion. A brand icon in the cycling sector and a historical partner of the Giro, Selle Italy could not fail to take its rightful place amongst the participants of an edition which promises to be the most spine-tingling in recent memory.

The numerous political celebrities and sports personalities present for the announcement were given the lowdown on the structure of the next Giro, which has always been seen not only as a sporting event par excellence, but also as a prestigious cultural and social affair. Indeed, benefiting from the big rush the Giro has traditionally attracted, the objective is to showcase the cultural heritage of Italy in all its multifaceted splendour, delighting both the Italians and the world with the marvels it has to show.

This unrepeatable anniversary will also pay solemn homage to the Giro’s ancient roots. In retelling its proud story, it has been spoilt for choice: the Forlì-Reggio Emilia will be leaving from the birthplace of Ercole Baldini, the1958 champion; the finish line of the thirteenth stage is Tortona, the place where the world champion Fausto Coppi breathed his last breath, whilst the subsequent departure point in Castellania marks the place of his birth; another departure stage is set to take place in Ponte a Ema where Gino Bartali first lifted himself into the saddle – in a quest, perhaps, to rekindle that old rivalry that had the whole country on the edge of its seats many years ago.

But the worthy causes of today will not be neglected either: on Monday 15 May, the second day of rest in Foligno, a series of initiatives and events have been set up to give support to the areas affected by the earthquake of the 24 August.

Now, all that is left to do is to peruse the entire schedule, savouring the exciting moments to come and the sheer delight of a magical race that has held Italy in its thrall for a century now.


Selle Italia

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