SP01: Welcome to a new age for the saddle

Futuristic design, superb comfort and outstanding performance levels The future is now here – on the back of a dream Selle Italia saddle. It’s Special Performance 01, the result of a cutting-edge combination of carbon properties.
SP01has been made possible thanks to our ongoing technological product research and introduces a revolutionary concept of style, skilfully combining comfort, aesthetics and resistance.This product stands out for its innovative and adaptive rear frame, divided into two independent parts following the special “suspension link movement”. Its shape is designed to effectively support the movement of your pelvis without compromising your stability while pedalling.The unmistakable shape of the back of the seat gives the product the resistance you need to take to the road with the right support.
Lastly, the design stylishly conveys inspirations from the world of automotives. Sleek shapes with a futuristic flair that give SP01 an unmistakable design, making it the first, brilliant benchmark of a new saddle idea.

Coming in at just 125 grams, SP01 actually conceals great value in terms of the technology used to create it.
The collection of futuristic materials and more efficient composite processing methods have made it possible to achieve a result that would be unreachable with traditional technology.
SP01’s prepreg hand lay up is a manufacturing process that came directly from the aerospace and motorsport sectors, using epoxy resin prepregs, manually arranged on top of one another in a specific order to give the composite structural homogeneity.
Compression moulding technology is then used, which is a method for compressing the material into two heated moulds to achieve perfectly repeatable quality standards.
The mix of high-strength fibre, oriented in the direction of the load, along with chopped fibre, give rise to a final product with an incredible strength-to-weight ratio and isotropic properties.




Selle Italia

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