Watt Kit Carbonio Superflow

Created with pure efficiency in mind, the triathlon-specific Watt Kit Carbonio Superflow helps you reach your maximum performance levels and beat your best times.

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Known for its power and strength, the Watt Kit Carbonio Superflow is now an icon of comfort and pedalling efficiency. Cutting edge aerodynamics and the triathlon-specific features allow you to improve your performance without sacrificing comfort. Working with 2-time Ironman World Champion Patrick Lange, this saddle features premium carbon rails, an anti-slip cover for enhanced stability and a wider nose for greater comfort. Meet the needs of the world's most demanding triathlon cyclists with the Watt Kit Carbonio Superflow.

Technical Specifications

Weight 195 g
Dimensions 133 x 255 mm
Rail Carbon + 10mm Ø7x9 mm
Intended use Triathlon
Family Watt
Nose Width 50 mm

Materials and Shapes

The Superflow technology drastically reduces all physical limitations caused by prolonged pressure in the perineal area.

+10 mm longer Carbon rail ø7x9 mm to ensure lightness,
resistance and a wider range of regulation of the saddle.

Technical microfiber cover material that guarantees a strong and durable lifetime at a very low weight.

Shell made with carbon composite and high grade nylon polymer.

Anti-slip surface which ensures maximum grip to the saddle during your ride.


Watt Kit Carbonio Superflow

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