Watt 3D Kit Carbonio Superflow

It’s time to smash your PBs with the Watt 3D, our first-ever 3D-printed triathlon saddle that helps to hold you in position with an anti-slip coating.

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The Watt 3D combines the aerodynamic efficiency and comfort of the traditional Watt saddle with the advanced technology of Carbon DLS™ technology. The 3D-printed, double-layered padding brings progressive cushioning zones for optimal comfort and support. Weighing only 222g, the lightweight design of the Watt 3D with its Superflow cut-out and carbon rails helps you ride to your best TT finish yet. The Watt 3D is the pinnacle of triathlon saddles, where bleeding-edge technology produces incredible output and efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Weight 222 g
Dimensions 133 x 255 mm
Rail Carbon + 10mm Ø7x9 mm
Intended use Triathlon
Family Watt

Materials and Shapes

The Superflow technology drastically reduces all physical limitations caused by prolonged pressure in the perineal area.

+10 mm longer Carbon rail ø7x9 mm to ensure lightness,
resistance and a wider range of regulation of the saddle.

3D printed cover with dedicated and proprietary pattern featuring differentiated cushioning zones that provide progressive absorption over the entire surface area, ensuring the cyclist optimal comfort and support. 

Shell made with carbon composite and high grade nylon polymer.

Anti-slip surface which ensures maximum grip to the saddle during your ride.


Watt 3D Kit Carbonio Superflow

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