ST 5 Flow

Making cycling in low light conditions safer thanks to it's Hi-Viz inserts, the ST 5 Flow is a fantastic choice for any urban cyclist.

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Striking the perfect balance between comfort and performance on a daily basis, the ST 5 Flow is the perfect all-rounder. The padded gel inserts together with the central Flow cut-out for relieving pressure on the perineal area ensure maximum comfort. The practically flat shape of the ST 5 Flow allows you to move freely, increasing performance, while the Hi-Viz inserts on the back keep you safe in low light conditions. From weekday commutes to weekend group rides, the ST 5 Flow is a fantastic choice.

Technical Specifications

Weight S2 396 g – L2 403 g
Dimensions S2 155 x 276 mm – L2 165 x 276 mm
Rail FeC Alloy Ø7
Intended use Road, Touring

Materials and Shapes

The special Flow anatomic cut-out ensures top riding comfort by offering flexibility at the front of the saddle.

High strength and flexible carbon-iron steel alloy, ø 7 mm.

Special polyurethane cover guarantees high levels of comfort.

Lightweight gel layer that ensures excellent sitting comfort and complete absorption of vibrations, guaranteeing lightness and performance.

Special reflective surface which makes visible each movement even in poorly lit areas, improving safety.

ST 5 Flow | S2, Black

ST 5 Flow

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