Sport Gel Flow

Our podium-topping saddles now modified with incredible materials and modern technologies to meet the needs of female cyclists. Ride your way with Selle Italia.

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Enjoy an incredible experience every time you hop on your bike with the Sport Gel Flow. Smartly placed gel pads and shock absorbers help to reduce vibrations from the road making this saddle more comfortable than others in its class, while the Flow cut-out relieves pressure on every cycle. A Duro-Tek finish and FEC alloy rail mean that the Sport Gel Flow will not only be comfortable but also reliable.

Technical Specifications

Weight 330g
Dimensions 140 x 270 mm
Rail FeC Alloy Ø7
Intended use Road, Touring

Materials and Shapes

The special Flow anatomic cut-out ensures top riding comfort by offering flexibility at the front of the saddle.

High strength and flexible carbon-iron steel alloy, ø 7 mm.

Technical cover material that guarantees a strong and durable lifetime. 

Lightweight gel layer that ensures excellent sitting comfort and complete absorption of vibrations, guaranteeing lightness and performance.

SPORT Gel Flow | S2, Black

Sport Gel Flow

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