The neutral-shaped SLR saddles bring support and comfort to both dynamic and static riders, helping you find a perfect fit no matter your pelvic rotation while riding. This much-loved shape has been adopted across our range of road saddles so you can find the saddle that's right for you, wherever or however you ride.


Our latest advancements in saddle technology have seen us create the SLR Boost 3D Kit Carbonio Superflow and SLR Boost 3D TI 316 Superflow which use a proprietary 3D printed pattern to create a saddle that's beyond anything else on the market. Meeting the needs of female riders, the SLR Boost Lady TI 316 Superflow is one of the most elite woman-specific saddles you can find. And by bringing the classic SLR shape to a wide range of saddles including the SLR TM, cyclists on any budget can experience this incredible design.

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