Novus Boost Gravel Heritage TI 316 Superflow

The solution for the Gravel Bike world that has been created to bridge the gap between aesthetics and the technical demands of cycling enthusiasts.

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Technical Specifications

Weight S3 255 g - L3 260 g
Dimensions S3 135 x 255 mm - L3 148 x 255 mm
Rail TI 316 Ø7 mm
Intended use Gravel
Family Novus

Materials and Shapes

Waved saddles are suggested for Static Riders or individuals who have a Posterior Pelvic Tilt.

The Superflow technology drastically reduces all physical limitations caused by prolonged pressure in the perineal area.

Rail increased by up to 25% resistance and durability and reduced by 15% weight compared with traditional rails, ø 7 mm.

Technical cover material that guarantees a strong and durable lifetime. 

Increased padding to ensure durable riding positioning for long distances and provide the rider protection against skin inflammation.


Novus Boost Gravel Heritage TI 316 Superflow

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