Model Y

The newest addition to Selle Italia's range using Greentech technology. All of the quality and performance while massively lowering our carbon footprint.

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Using our revolutionary Greentech technology process that reduces our impact on the planet, the Model Y is made entirely by businesses within 15 kilometres of our Treviso headquarters. Focusing on making saddles in an ecological way, the Model Y is produced without adhesives, solvents or any other pollutants. And when it comes time to change your saddle, you can fully recycle this one.
Expertly designed for serious off-road riders who need full pelvic support, the T- shape encourages a dynamic pedalling style while the Superflow cut-out provides unbeatable perineal pressure relief. Finished with TI 316 rails, we've created one of the most environmentally friendly saddles ever, without a drop in performance. Riding your bike has never been better for the planet.

Technical Specifications

Weight 277
Dimensions L2 142 x 246 mm
Rail TI 316 Tube Ø7 mm
Intended use Off-Road
Family Model Y

Materials and Shapes

Neutral shape (anatomical) saddles provide appropriate support for both cyclist with anterior pelvic rotation (dynamic riders) and those with posterior pelvic rotation (static riders).

Rail increased by up to 25% resistance and durability and reduced by 15% weight compared with traditional rails, ø 7 mm.

Patented manufacturing method that creates a sustainable product that is 100% recyclable, generates no waste and uses no harmful materials. 

MODEL Y| L2, Black

Model Y

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