Model X Leaf

Designed with our future in mind, the Model X Leaf is made with an entirely green process that doesn't compromise on quality or performance.

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Choose an environmentally friendly saddle with the Model X Leaf. It's a 100% sustainable product that's made without the use of any glue, thanks to the Greentech technology. It's an entirely Made in Italy process that helps reduce CO2 emissions. The eye-catching graphics are printed beneath a transparent cover, extending the life of the saddle. Strategically placed gel pads and shock absorbers make this an incredibly comfortable saddle. Future rides green.

Technical Specifications

Weight 315 g
Dimensions 145 x 245 mm
Rail Fec Alloy Tube Ø7 mm
Intended use Road
Family Model X

Materials and Shapes

Waved saddles are suggested for Static Riders or individuals who have a Posterior Pelvic Tilt.

The Superflow technology drastically reduces all physical limitations caused by prolonged pressure in the perineal area.

High strength and flexible carbon-iron steel alloy, ø 7 mm.

Patented manufacturing method that creates a sustainable product that is 100% recyclable, generates no waste and uses no harmful materials. 

Differentiated elastic module inside the shell which allows to improve the resistance of the product and to ensure the right flexibility by improving comfort.

MODEL X LEAF | L3, Black/Green

Model X Leaf

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