Max SLR TI 316 Gel Superflow

The evolved Max SLR TI 316 Gel Superflow, now up to 145mm wide, combines a light gel and Superflow cut-out to improve comfort and performance.

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Find superior comfort on the longest of tours as one of our most iconic saddles evolves with a new width up to 145mm. The Max SLR TI 316 Gel Superflow combines a light gel and Superflow cut-out to reduce pressure on the perineum and improve your performance. The neutral shape of the saddle allows for greater comfort, while the TI 316 rails help keep the weight down without sacrificing on strength. Choose the Max SLR TI316 Gel Superflow so that you can focus on the road ahead.

Technical Specifications

Weight 280 g
Dimensions 145 x 275 mm
Rail TI 316 Tube Ø7 mm
Intended use Road, Touring
Family SLR

Materials and Shapes

The Superflow technology drastically reduces all physical limitations caused by prolonged pressure in the perineal area.

Neutral shape (anatomical) saddles provide appropriate support for both cyclist with anterior pelvic rotation (dynamic riders) and those with posterior pelvic rotation (static riders).

Rail increased by up to 25% resistance and durability and reduced by 15% weight compared with traditional rails, ø 7 mm.

Technical microfiber cover material that guarantees a strong and durable lifetime at a very low weight.

Shell made with carbon composite and high grade nylon polymer.

Lightweight gel layer that ensures excellent sitting comfort and complete absorption of vibrations, guaranteeing lightness and performance.

Max SLR Gel TI 316 Superflow | L3, Black

Max SLR TI 316 Gel Superflow

Was: €149,90
Now: €134,91
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