"Wide" intertrochanteric distance and medium pelvic rotation. (Flow saddle)



DONNA, the last word in female comfort

The new Donna comes to guarantee a nice riding experience to the female community, in total comfort and in full compliance with the woman’s needs.

Suggested retail price.


Weight: 345 g
Rail: FeC Alloy Ø7 mm
Dimensions: 168x270 mm
Category: sport



Technical cover material that guarantees a strong and durable lifetime.

Extra Padding

Increased padding to ensure durable riding positioning for long distances and provides the rider with protection against skin inflammation.

Fec Alloy Rail

High strength and flexible carbon-iron steel alloy, ø 7 mm.

Gel Flow

The special Gel Flow anatomic cut-out provides excellent comfort to “soft tissue” areas by offering greater flexibility at the front of the saddle. Combined with a thin layer of silicon gel it absorbs all road vibrations.

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