Selle Italia guarantees its products against defects in materials and/or workmanship for twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase, with the exception of its consumable and wear-and-tear-prone parts: the tax receipt issued by an authorised retailer shall be considered as proof of purchase. The defective product may be repaired or replaced by Selle Italia within this period if such defect is not due to carelessness, improper use or incorrect assembly and provided that the purchaser has notified Selle Italia of the lack of conformity within two months of the discovery of the defect. Selle Italia declares that the product placed on the market has been checked and has no aesthetic imperfections on the surface, in the finishes and/or in the overall appearance that were evident or only identifiable at the time of purchase, or that were caused by damage that occurred during shipment or transport. The presence of any imperfections is to be considered a normal characteristic of the product and some properties as merits of the product handcrafted and not as a manufacturing defect. Failure to observe the instructions in this manual will invalidate the warranty: in this case Selle Italia will be relieved of any liability for damage to property and persons that may occur. The warranty is offered only to the original purchaser and cannot be extended to third parties, and no Selle Italia agent or employee retailer is authorised to modify, extend or expand it. This warranty also does not affect any rights that the customer may have under national laws governing consumer goods, which are always enforceable.


Product life

Selle Italia guarantees the durability of the product only in relation to its proper use and maintenance. The product’s service life may vary depending on the amount of use, weather conditions, uneven road surfaces, weight of the person and your cycling behavior. In the event of falls, bumps, impacts, accidental maltreatment, or excessive use over time, the product may wear out or damage. Check the structural parts for deformation, cracks, signs of wear or breakage, otherwise replace the product immediately. For safety reasons, Selle Italia recommends replacing the product used for more than 10 years, whenever there is presumptions or evidence of structural degradation, or when more than 15000 km have been travelled.


Important note regarding safety

The seat post can affect the structural strength of the saddle. The particular conformation of the locking system of some types of seat posts can compromise the resistance of the saddle rail, or interfere with the structure altering its performance. Using an incorrect seat post can cause problems and can cause accidents to people and things. For this reason the product has been tested to be used only in combination with a type of seat post recommended by Selle Italia. Please check the compatibility of your seatpost with the information given in (Fig. 1). Try to use seatpost that has a clamping system of adequate size, and that cannot exert a sharp action on the frame of the saddle. The seatpost must be used according to the instructions established by its manufacturer and it is important that the suggested tightening torques are respected: exceeding the values established may compromise the safety and reliability of the saddle. In the case of saddles with carbon fibre composite rail, excessive tightening of the seat post could cause high pressures on the saddle frame with consequent damage to the material fibres (fig.2): in this case the saddle frame could break suddenly during use and cause accidents. The seatpost clamping system must not have sharp edges, as this can shorten the product life cycle or cause premature seat breakage (fig.3). Before installing the seat, make sure that the saddle seats on the seat post comply with Fig. 4. The horizontal adjustment of the seat must respect the limits allowed and marked on the frame. The extreme forward or backward movement of the seat on the seat post must not exceed the indicated stop limits (fig.5).

Saddle care

To clean the saddle of dirt and sweat we recommend using a soft cloth gently soaked in a little water and a little neutral soap. It is forbidden to wash the saddle with direct water jets. Leave to dry in the air and away from direct sunlight. When cleaning the seat, it is forbidden to use degreasers, diesel fuel, gasoline, detergents or solvents. Avoid the use of solvent-based products (oils or creams) on the seat cover: they may cause cracking or detachment of the cover. Even special types of sweating, or the use of some anti-friction ointments, can ruin the lining of the saddle. Color loss of some coating materials may be caused by UV rays, wear, sweat, heat, moisture, and is considered a natural process not covered by warranty. Sometimes the product may be noisy due to incorrect mounting, soiling between the areas from the seat and the seat post, or interference between the seat post and seat post tightening mechanism. An attempt to eliminate noise is to apply a little silicone lubricant to the problem areas; remove the seat from the seat post, clean the housing, lubricate and refit the seat to the seat post. Remember that in general, noise is not covered by the warranty.


Correct positioning of the saddle

The displacement of the saddle in retreat, height, or tilt, even if a few millimeters can vary considerably both the performance and the mechanical setting of the pedal stroke. Incorrect positioning of the saddle can cause particular pathologies of the musculoskeletal-tendon apparatus. The perfect positioning of the saddle requires care and attention: in case of difficulty, contact your local dealer, or directly Selle Italia.

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