Aircross tech
Jet-spray technology that creates a dual-layer structure: the soft inner layer delivers just the right amount of comfort whilst the external waterproof layer offers total protection.
Carbo-keramic rail
Carbon rail with a ceramic coating to protect the seat post clamping area against point stress & scratches ø7x9 mm.
Carbon powered
Shell made with carbon composite and high grade nylon polymer
Carbon Rail (+10mm)
Climb control
A particular rise on the back of the saddle designed to offer support to the seat when climbing uphill or when cycling at high speeds.
Double density
Two different levels of padding that ensure a more comfortable and performing seat.
Dual Padding
Double padding with variable density which ensures a comfortable sit even for longer distances.
Technical microfiber cover material that guarantees a strong and durable lifetime at a very low weight.
Extra Grip
High stability surface which ensures maximum grip to the saddle during your ride.
Extra padding
Increased padding to ensure durable riding positioning for long distances and provide the rider protection against skin inflammation.
FEC Alloy rail
High strength and flexible carbon-iron steel alloy, ø 7 mm.
Technical cover material that guarantees a strong and durable lifetime.
Flat Shape
Flex Control
The special Flow anatomic cut-out ensures top riding comfort by offering flexibility at the front of the saddle.
Full carbon
Shell made from 100% Carbon composite.
A layer of gel that ensures excellent sitting comfort by offering flexibility in the central part of the saddle and absorbing road vibrations.
Een speciale productietechnologie die het mogelijk maakt om een ​​100% duurzaam product te maken, geassembleerd zonder het gebruik van lijmmaterialen. Een volledig Made in Italy-proces, waardoor de CO2-uitstoot tot een minimum kan worden beperkt.
Hi-tech carbon rail
High modules carbon fiber weave, ø7x9 mm.
Special reflective surface which makes visible each movement even in poorly lit areas, improving safety.
High density
“High Density” padding ensures great performance, especially when pushing.
Integrated safety
Integrated design technology to improve visibility and ensure safety.
Lateral frame visibility
Padding coated without tension of the material to ensure more softness and comfort.
Cover material in full-grain leather.
Lightest possible weight at the maximum possibile strength.
Light gel
Lightweight gel layer that ensures excellent sitting comfort and complete absorption of vibrations, guaranteeing lightness and performance.
Manganese rail
Tubular structure in Cromoly and Manganese alloy. Light and flexible at the same time, ø 7 mm.
Neutral Shape
Reinforced edges
Reinforced edges are used to protect the side of the saddle cover against impacts.
Shock absorber
Absorption system between the shell and the rail that highly reduces road shocks and vibrations.
Soft density
“Soft Density” padding guarantees high levels of comfort without altering performance.
Special polyurethane cover guarantees high levels of comfort.
The SuperFlow technology drastically reduces all physical limitations caused by prolonged pressure in the perineal area.
TI 316 rail
Rail increased by up to 25% resistance and durability and reduced by 15% weight compared with traditional rails, ø 7 mm.
Total Gel
Speciale gelvulling die het hele zadel bedekt en zorgt voor een betere schokabsorberende functie in alle omstandigheden.
Waved Shape


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