Urban bike: the dress code

A rhetorical question: would you show up at your best friend’s wedding in a T-shirt and flip-flops?

There are situations where the clothes make the man, and where precise, exacting criteria are the order of the day: no arguing, no room for doubt – that’s just how it is.

A christening, an important job interview, a first date… and a ride through town. Urban cycling has its dress code too, and woe betide whoever breaks the fundamental rules, at the cost of making a really bad impression if we run into someone we know.

Of course, this only applies to those who wish to join the band of the most radical urban bikers, the only ones who can (or want to) define themselves as such, that is, the ones who dart about town on the saddle of a fixie or a very special vintage racer complete with toe clips on the pedals.

Here are the 5 details you can use to recognise them and, if you want, imitate them.


“Commuter” jeans

Comfy and easy to turn up at the ankles, they feature dedicated belt loops for attaching a U-lock.
The immortal cotton chinos with big pockets are also a worthy alternative, above all in the summer as shorts.


Shoulder bag

Made strictly of waterproof rubberised fabric, ideally recycled from old lorry tarpaulins. As far as the colour is concerned, anything goes. It just needs to have a notebook with the bitten apple symbol inside.
The more hardcore version, good for the winter, comprises waterproof fluorescent yellow backpacks, messenger style.


V-neck T-shirt

Weather permitting, a close-fitting V-neck T-shirt, generally white, is a must. When the temperature drops, no jackets: just a red and black checked heavy flannel shirt.


Saddle by Sella Italia Milano

The saddle is an essential accessory that immediately characterises a biker’s style. The wrong model may prove an unforgivable error, capable of ruining all the rest of your look. And we’re not just saying that because we’re a saddle site: being on the right saddle (see title of paragraph…) makes all the difference.

What characteristics does it need? To be leather, visually appealing and sophisticated, with a sporty design that recalls the iconic models of the past 30 years. In terms of colour, black is never a mistake, but pastel shades shouldn’t be ruled out.


Nutcase helmet

Every self-respecting urban biker also thinks about their safety and uses their head. Figuratively but also literally, that is, to put a helmet on it.

Not just any helmet, obviously. Nutcase helmets with shells made from 100% polycarbonate are an absolute must-have. Here too, black rules the roost. Sure, it may not keep you cool, but it makes you look so much cooler.

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