Le Tour de France

A 105-year-old legend, one of the most important and popular sport events worldwide: la Grand Boucle, Le Tour de France.
It cannot simply be described as a sports event: it is a part of the history of cycling that renews itself every year, since 1903.
The stories of the ordeals of the thousands of champions who have taken part in this race are just like novels, in which protagonists win, lose, suffer, intertwine their stories with those of their times and contribute to fuel the myth of the yellow jersey and the sacrifices required to achieve it.

As we said, the French race truly is a popular event, in the most literal meaning of the word: it belongs to the people, to the tradition and culture of cycling enthusiasts of all times.


The comeback years

Immediately after the war, the Tour de France became a legendary race and a part of history.

Those were the years in which Italy was struggling to get back on its feet after the disasters of the war; striving for growth, searching for redemption in the eyes of the world, looking for a new start, something to conquer, to dream and get excited about.
The Tour became the symbol of an unstoppable social comeback, with the victories of Coppi and Bartali, and achievements in culture, cinema, fashion and industry.


The shared myth

Italian style, taste, elegance and Made in Italy creativity were successfully exported abroad. And Italy soon becomes an example to follow.

In this scenario, Selle Italia is the perfect example of how to become a point of reference thanks to everyday efforts and victories: cycling as a starting point, excellence as the final target.

Le Tour de France and Selle Italia have a lot in common, starting from their hundred-year-old journey across history, travelling along parallel roads; their destinies meeting thanks to all the great champions that have pedalled on the French roads enjoying the comfort and performance of Selle Italia saddles.

A myth shared through tradition, beauty, style and elegance.
All characteristics that never fade, resist the test of time and are its only antidote, as they represent, today just as 100 years ago, the spirit of our sport and our work.


When history becomes an “Era”

The Invincibile collection of SELLA ITALIA‘s range celebrates just this, convinced that some things are destined to leave their mark for ever.

This is why the brand celebrates the French race and its everlasting charm.

The Epoca – Tour de France model is defined by the timeless lines and quality of its materials, it evokes a past of heroic cycling champions, not as memories of a time that no longer exists, but as a point of reference that millions of enthusiasts recognise to this day.

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