Bike to work: la rivoluzione fashion

Taking the car as little as possible, making a habit of using a bike to get about town, including the trip from home to work and back.

According to Legambiente, bike use is well established in Italy, with 743,000 frequent bikers, above all in Alto Adige, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto. And there are some surprises, like the bike commuters of Milan, who cover the greatest distance on average, approximately 30 km per day according to the figures from Strava.

But what’s the secret to the success of bikes in town?

There are certainly practical advantages – quick trips, physical well-being, environmental sustainability – but there’s more.

The urban cyclist’s pleasure in doing good every day is rounded off with the charm and elegance of an action that sets them apart from the crowd, with the vintage appeal of a style rooted in the past yet always contemporary.

Of course, accessories have a decisive role in expressing personality in this context. A simple detail can make all the difference, telling the world what’s within us, and what approach we take to everyday concerns.


Beauty and the bike

Sometimes things work just because they’re beautiful and make us feel good about ourselves and with others.
Let’s admit it once for all: getting about town by bike is terribly fashionable.
Turning up at the office with your trousers rolled up and an “alleycat” shoulder bag, for drinks straight from work on a great-looking fixed-gear with coloured rims, flaunting the refined elegance of a saddle from Sella Italia’s new Milano collection: it creates a style
which goes beyond fashion, transforming a trend into a new way of being and thinking.

The bike then becomes an extension of your dynamic, unconventional style. It offers the feeling of being a part of something different, of refusing to fit into the mould.
This time the cultural revolution doesn’t start from the grass roots, but from the allure of two pedals and a black leather saddle.


10 reasons to bike to work

The English discerningcyclist blog, with its great following, ran a survey among its Twitter and Facebook followers, asking for 10 good reasons for them to go to work by bike every day.

Here are the results:


  1. It makes me feel happier and more relaxed.
  2. Bikes are more reliable than cars and public transport.
  3. I spend less.
  4. No one sneezes or coughs on me.
  5. I can cut across public parks.
  6. I’m quicker at peak times.
  7. It helps me lose weight.
  8. I don’t pollute.

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