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“The dark dirt of the rutted road,
the smell of leather,
the icy bite of oxidised steel ascending a thousand slopes,
the constant clunk of mud-coated chains.
The fervent applause of the crowd,
the wet wool bathed in sweat,
the quiet of the hill, at last.”


Our passions are fuelled by past memories and indelible sensations.

This is why we  have put together a fine collection of saddles and accessories representing the glory days – a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to retrace the most hallowed circuits ridden by the greatest cyclists in their heyday and to breathe in that unforgettable atmosphere.

This enduring selection is called Sella Italia Invincibile

The all new “Sella Italia” classic saddle line is a product line in celebration of the 120 years anniversary of the company. This exceptional opportunity has led us to develop Italian handmade leather saddles and accessories with the same approach as we started making them at the start, but with a whiff of todays technology, such as dual-metal compression rivet and the sandwich-leather tech. Moreover, these saddles are delivered with a set of tensioning tools to customize the comfort level of the saddles by tensioning the leather of the cover.


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