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Bicycles with Sella Italia




It was always there, resting on the rollers to give us a chance to clock up a few kilometres while remaining at home. So for many years, with the discretion of an elderly lady with a great history behind her, it occupied a prominent, yet secluded, position in our apartment.

Then one day, thanks to the passion and willingness of an enthusiastic friend, I decided to give it an overhaul. This meant that my MALVOR BOTTECCHIA, that completed the Giro d’Italia in 1982 with Mario Beccia could be back on the road in all its original splendour.

The aluminium of the derailleur mount was feeling its age and crumbled during dismantling. Fortunately you can still find original MAVIC spare parts and with a small investment everything went back in place.

One last detail was missing: a saddle more comfortable than the original (well-preserved but really uncomfortable!). I chose a SELLA ITALIA STORICA: its design, the spirit behind its conception and its comfort were exactly what I was after to complete my masterpiece.

Shiny, well-oiled, perfect and ready for the Eroica bike race!


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