The first #selleitaliatester has been selected

Here we are! The first tester has been picked – it is Giuliano Setzi.

By sharing the pictures of his cycling feats he has earned the right to test the revolutionary Novus Boost Kit Carbonio SuperFlow!

Congratulations Giuliano!


We would really like, though, to thank all the warriors who is taking part in this initiative. With their contributions, they show yet how much heart cyclists put into things and how willing they are to pitch in and give it a go.

Thank you bike warriors. See you next time round!


Keep following us on our social channels because you will soon be able to read Giuliano’s feedback on the saddle he will be testing. Knowing what users think is vital for us because when you get on a bike and push your legs, lungs and especially your heart to the limits, you expect the most from your bike. So there could no better testing ground for us Рthis is one of the reasons why our products outperform.

Selle Italia

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