This document (“#SELLEITALIAWARRIORS terms & conditions) regulates the participation and selection process aimed at recruiting individuals for professional collaboration appointments.



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post code 31011 Casella d’Asolo (Treviso) Italy, Italian Tax Code & VAT Number 00652320243 (hereinafter referred to as the “Promoter”).



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  1. NAME

“SELLEITALIA WARRIORS” (hereinafter referred to as the “Selection Process”). 7. SITE

www.selleitalia.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”)


  1. SITE

www.selleitalia.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”)



The participation period shall be variable and signalled by announcements published on the Site, each of which shall be entitled “Challenge”.

Only participants from countries which can gain access to and sign up on the registration page may take part in the Selection Process.



This initiative aims to select candidates for appointment to professional partnerships (hereinafter referred to as “Appointment”).

The appointment entails professional services of an occasional nature (in compliance with current laws applicable as of now) which will involve the collaborator taking part in the creation of text-based content, photographs and audio-visual materials that Selle Italia is interested in for communication purposes. Merely by way of non-limiting example, the chosen candidates shall be called to try out and use Selle Italia Srl products and relate their experiences, to take part in competitive or amateur sports events (provided that they demonstrate that they are physically fit and able to do so), to propose their own photographic work or audio-visual materials, to act as a spokesperson for publicity purposes and collaborate with social-media management activities.



The entire area as defined by the ability to enrol on the Selection Process as outlined in the announcement (hereinafter referred to as the “Challenge”).



Any natural person of full legal age either residing and/or domiciled in the nations from which it is possible to sign in or who are registered users of the Social Network Facebook.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Participants” and the “Social Network”) is entitled to take part in the Selection Process.

The contents of this document must be accepted by each Participant when registration takes place.



9.1 I The only way to take part in the selection process is for participants to register on the Site by using the “Connect with Facebook” function which will automatically fill in name, surname and email of the candidate. The Participant must then enter other required details such as city of residence, country of residence (should the desired country not figure on the list, this means that this nation may not take part in the Selection Process) and telephone number. The mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk on the registration form.

After the Participants have registered, they may decide which selection process to join by choosing one (or more) of the Challenges published on the Site.

Each challenge will contain a description of the desired profile and the type of skills which must be expressed in the creation of a one-of-a-kind and standout piece of work (hereinafter referred to as the “Post”) which should encapsulate the spirit of SelleItalia Warriors and the Challenge briefing. The participant must then publish it on his/her own personal profile of the social networks connected to the Site.

The post must be made up of text elements of 300 characters at the most, images or video clips, and must be published on the participant’s own Social profile. The post must be complete with the set hashtag for each single challenge to be found on the Challenge page published on the Site.

Participants are free to make any posts that they feel to be in keeping with the Challenge Briefing and in line with their own personal interpretation on their own Facebook and/or Instagram pages.


9.2 The Posts shall be subject to approval with a view to avoiding publication of any posts that are not consonant with the briefing and in any case incongruous with public decency and good manners.

Only approved Posts shall be published on a general page on the site viewable by the public and dedicated to the selection process as well as on the page of each single Challenge.

Each Participant will be emailed by the site advising them that their Post has been approved by the Moderators of the Selection Process.


9.3 At the end of the Participation Process of each single Challenge, the Recruiter will assess all the Posts and will draw up an edit of the best contributions which will be shared with the Promoter of the Selection Process. After this, the ultimate candidate or participants will be chosen (if envisaged by the challenge or held to be appropriate by the Promoter of the Selection Process). The chosen Participants will be contacted in order to discuss the details of the collaboration project and conclude the appointment which will involve professional services of an occasional nature (in compliance with current laws applicable as of now). The proposal may come from either the Recruiter or the Promoter of the Selection Process.



10.1 Taking part in the Selection Process and each single Challenge means that the Participant automatically accepts all parts of this document which is entirely subject to Italian law.


10.2 Participants may only take part with one account made out in their name. Should the Promoter discover that a Participant has more than one account in his/her name, it will be entitled to exclude the Participant from the Selection Process.


10.4 The sole purpose of the social-network platforms is to enable participants to communicate and take part in the Selection Process. This process is by no means sponsored, promoted or run by social networks nor is it in any way associated with them.

Transferral of the posts from the social-network platforms to the Site takes place using software which works by interacting with the communication channels and adapting to the rules set only by social networks. Said channels and rules are subject to change by the social networks. Therefore, failure to transfer any posts to the Site cannot be ascribable either to the Recruiter nor to the Promoter of the Selection Process. Thus, neither participants nor third parties may hold the Promoter liable in any way for wrongful behaviour perpetrated by other third parties, participants and/or ascribable to the Social Networks resulting in unlawful, illicit or wrongful behaviour, such as posting photographs which transgress standards of public decency, threaten public order or can be classified as being disparaging, offensive or damaging to any kinds of rights belonging to people or property (including intellectual property rights and copyrights).


10.5 Each single Participant is responsible for the contents of his/her own Post. He/she also vouches that he/she is the author of the Post and is the original owner of all usage and exploitation rights for the materials sent to the Selection Process. Should the Posts not have been the original work of the Participant and should the latter not own the most ample rights for financial exploitation, said Participant must hold the Promoter and Recruiter harmless and indemnify them for any claims (including claims for compensatory damages) which might be made by the real author, by anyone holding said rights or any successors in title.


10.6 The Promoter is in no way liable for any claims for compensatory damages made by individuals portrayed in the Post or by individuals with parental responsibility over minors mentioned or portrayed in any Posts made without having obtained due authorisation: therefore, in accepting the contents of this document, each single Participant hereby fully holds the Promoter and Recruiter harmless and indemnifies them as from now from any such situations.

In taking part in the Selection Process, the Participant automatically grants the Promoter for all legal purposes an exclusive, free, irrevocable and permanent licence to use, reproduce and publish the Posts as well as any graphic elements or images attached to it in any way or in any form. This includes the right to make any changes and the Participant hereby waives any right to interfere.

Therefore, it is understood that the Promoter is fully and lawfully entitled to use the chosen Posts at its sole and absolute discretion, including any attached graphic elements or images. It may also use the other Posts and any graphic elements or images sent by the Participants. The posts shall be used for promotional purposes as part of communication activities aimed at boosting its institutional image, its trademarks, products and services. This entitlement is also lawfully extended to the Recruiter.


10.7 The Participant hereby transfers all rights of unfettered enjoyment to the Promoter for the activities described in the previous article. In any case, the Participant undertakes to hold both the Promoter and the Recruiter harmless and indemnify them from any claims for compensation or claims of any other kind made by anyone. The same applies to any damages or expenses (including legal fees) arising from claims by third parties relating to any rights the Participant may have violated.


10.8 The Promoter has the right to exclude any Participants who it deems to be in conflict with the normal course of the Selection, or who it feels are engaging in any way in fraudulent or suspicious activities. The Promoter reserves the right to limit and suppress any attempts to get around the rules of the Selection Process and will take any appropriate measures in compliance with current legislation. The Promoter also reserves the right to vindicate its rights in the appropriate fora.


10.9 In any case, any Posts damaging common decency and/or containing references with advertising, political or religious messages shall be excluded by the Promoter at its entire discretion and without any entitlement for complaint.


10.10 The Promoter cannot be held responsible for failure to access, hindrances, hitches, malfunctions or any other kind of difficulty relating to technical instruments, including problems with the computer, cables, electronics, software, hardware, transmission and connection, the telephone line and/or any similar hindrances of this ilk that might stop a Participant from taking part in the Selection Process.


10.11 The Promoter reserves the right to confirm the chosen Posts after having compared the details provided by the Participant during the Site registration phase with those given by the Participant during the selection process. These checks will be performed by asking the Participant for his/her identity card as well as by running any other checks to ensure that the contents of this document have been abided by.


10.12 The Promoter hereby declares that the data collection and management server for all information regarding the Selection Process is situated on the premises of Ic Digital s.r.l. c/o data center Seeweb Spa in Milan (Italy) via Caldera, 21.


10.13 The Participants’ data will be gathered for the purposes of the Selection Process in compliance with Legislative Decree n. 196/03, as amended from time to time, and in conformity with the Data Privacy Policy of the Promoter (Data Controller) as published on the site. Ic Digital s.r.l. will process the Participants’ personal data on behalf of Selle Italia S.r.L. For the aforementioned purposes and in compliance with said privacy policy.


10.14 Any incomplete details and/or details which are not clearly related to the name and surname of the person taking part cannot be accepted.

The same Participant may not register more than once. Any additional registrations bearing the same personal details and/or email address will be rejected and the Participant will be excluded from the Selection Process.

The Promoter reserves the right to run checks to ensure that the Selection process is running smoothly and according to plan. Should it, in the course of said checks, come across any episodes of undesirable or unfair behaviour which are in conflict with the spirit of the Selection Process or at any rate incongruous with principles of good faith and fairness, it likewise reserves the right to terminate the Selection Process.


The Promoter (or any third parties acting on its behalf) reserves the right to limit and suppress any attempts to get around the system and to protect itself and its system, it will take any appropriate measures in compliance with current legislation.

The Promoter cannot be held liable if:

  • the Participant’s mailbox is full;
  • the Participant’s email address is incorrect or incomplete;
  • there is no response from the host computer after the invitation to take part in the selection process has been emailed;
  • the Participant fails to receive the email because it ends up in the spam folder; the participant must check his/her own spam folder;
  • the mailbox has been deactivated;
  • the Participant’s email address has been placed on a blacklist.


10.15 This document has been published on the following website: https://golive.selleitalia.com.



Please contact us at [email protected] for any queries on the Selection Process or questions about this document.



These General Conditions for using the Site are regulated by Italian law. The Courthouse of Treviso will have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from this document

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