#Tour105 – Paint the social-media network yellow

105 legendary years of “Grand Boucle” deserve a special challenge….a yellow-tinged one….

But this time, dear Warriors, we don’t want to see your mind-blowing feats, we just need you to give “your own slant” on the Tour de France n°105 and let us have your personal interpretation of “cycling in yellow”.
What does that mean? Well, we aren’t sure ourselves…but it seemed like a good idea to associate this legendary cycling colour to the way we enjoy modern cycling as an everyday passion.

So let loose on your Facebook and Instagram pages with yellow-tinged photos and videos. Let rip and publish whatever comes to mind. Don’t hold back and give vent to your imagination and creativity.

Amaze us, engage us and make us laugh. Show us that you are as hot on social networks as you are on your bike.

If you are the best, your talent will shine through….If we like your style, we will put your work out for everyone to see and you will be rewarded with a customised saddle for this special occasion.

#tour105 #selleitaliawarriors


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