Gerald Ciolek
Linus Gerdemann
Rasmus Guldhammer
Lasse Norman Hansen
Lennard Kämna
Alexander Kamp
Thomas Koep
Alex Kirsch
Romain Lemarchand
Christian Mager
Mads Pedersen
Rasmus Quaade
Michael Reihs
Sven Reutter
Jonas Tenbrock
Fabian Wegmann
Michael Carbel.

Foundation year: 2011
Headquarter / activity location: Germany
Riding: Rose
Distinguishing marks: German passion on german legs

Team Stolting was founded in Germany in 2011. After last season with a professional licence, the team will return to Continental status in 2017, where it feels it will be better equipped to achieve the long-standing goal that has distinguished it since its foundation: to help create and nurture talented young German riders.

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