Team Nippo – Vini Fantini

Alessandro Bisolti
Grega Bole
Daniele Colli
Damiano Cunego
Pierpaolo De Negri
Iuri Filosi
Eduard Michael Grosu
Antonio Viola
Manabu Ishibashi
Yuma Koishi
Kazushige Kuboki
Nicolas Marini
Antonio Nibali
Riccardo Stacchiotti
Genki Yamamoto
Gianfranco Zilioli
Giacomo Berlato.

Foundation year: 2010
Headquarter / activity location: La Spezia, Italy
Victories, relevant races:
- 11 victories in the 2015 season.
- 2 entries in the Giro d'Italia in 2 years as a professional team.
- 1 victory in the GP Costa degli Etruschi 2016.
- Victory in the Tour of China (2015 - overall ranking)
- Victory in the Tour of Korea (2016 - overall ranking)
Riding: De Rosa
Distinguishing marks: team of Italian and Japanese cyclists, creating an interesting line-up unique on the professional scene

The NIPPO Vini Fantini team is the only Italo-Japanese professional cycling team. After one year in the Junior category and one in the Continental category, it was placed under the control of the General Manager Francesco Pelosi, in 2015, making the great leap into the Professional category in that year with an Italian licence. That same year, the team took part in its first Giro d’Italia, where it won the Fair Play Award, symbol of the team’s new transparency and enthusiasm. The Nippo Vini Fantini extended its message to all riders, getting countless young people involved in its staff and promoting a philosophy devoted to transparency: it is the only team in the world that publishes on its website all the analysis results shown on the Biological Passports of its riders.
Led by a highly-experienced captain like Damiano Cunego, the project aims to enhance the talent of young Italian and Japanese riders ahead of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

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