Team FORTUNEO – Vital Concept

Franck Bonnamour
Vegard Breen
Frédéric Brun
Maxime Cam
Anthony Delaplace
Pierrick Fédrigo
Brice Feillu
Armindo Fonseca
Arnaud Gérard
Jonathan Hivert
Jaŭhen Hutarovič
Benoît Jarrier
Kévin Ledanois
Juliern Loubet
Daniel McLay
Francis Mourey
Pierre-Luc Périchon
Eduardo Sepúlveda
Chris Anker Sørensen
Steven Tronet
Florian Vachon
Boris Vallée
Jean-Marc Bideau

Foundation year: 2005
Headquarter / activity location: Rennes, France
Victories, relevant races:
- 1 French championship
- 3 appearances in the Tour de France
Riding: Look
Distinguishing marks: young, nice and total black uniform (beyond than great riders)

Fortuneo-Vital Concept is a French men’s road cycling team. Active since 2005, the team is based in Rennes, Brittany, and headed by Emmanuel Hubert. It has a UCI Professional Continental Team licence, allowing it to compete in UCI Continental Circuit races and also, by wild card awarded by the UCI, some World Tour events. It boasts three consecutive appearances in the Tour de France in recent years and one French championship, won in 2009.

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