Saddle fitting

Find your ideal seat size with
idmatch Smart Caliper and Saddle Sizing

Using a strict scientific measurement process that only takes 30 seconds, a sophisticated algorithm and some straightforward anthropometrical data, any cyclist can now find his own ideal solution in terms of comfort and performance.

Smart Caliper

1 instrument
3 step
1 scientific result

The idmatch Smart Caliper is a sophisticated anthropometrical gauge endowed with an internal algorithm which delivers accurate measurements and scientific results in just a few seconds. Based on a series of digital sensors, its micro-processor is able to automatically identify the ideal saddle type for any cyclist.

Step 1
Intertrochanteric distance measurement

The intertrochanteric distance is the space between the two big femur tuberosities; these two perch points must be perfectly matched to the seat surface and are a crucial factor in establishing a cyclist’s ideal seated position.

Step 2
Thigh-diameter measurement

Measuring the upper diameter of the thigh and comparing it to the intertrochanteric distance allows us to establish the best saddle shape for each single cyclist.

Step 3
Pelvic rotation measurement

Knowing the pelvic tilt/rotation helps us to know what kind of saddle will offer the most comfortable ride.

Once taken, all these various measurements will tell us to a great degree of accuracy what saddle will suit the physique and riding preferences of each individual cyclist.


Saddle Sizing

The measuring tools helping us to find the ideal saddle.

We can determine the ideal saddle for everyone by using the special instruments (gauge and pelvic inclinometer, metric tape and saddle-adjustment tool) in the Saddle-Sizing system together with the special idmatch software. By measuring a series of essential parameters (such as the intertrochanteric distance, circumference of the upper thighs and the pelvic rotation), we can establish with accuracy a person’s resting point on the saddle, discover whether a saddle with a central pressure-relieving cut-out is necessary and put the saddle back exactly as it was before any changes were made.

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