Your own comfort in 30’’ with idmatch smart caliper

idmatch is the Selle Italia’s revolutionary new system which enables to choose the ideal bike saddle. A sophisticated algorithm with a few simple body measurements will offer each rider the best solution in terms of comfort and performance.

Smart Caliper
3 step
1 scientific result

idmatch the Smart Caliper itself is composed of a microprocessor which performs the calculations to determine an athlete’s ideal seat size and shape. The information input in the processor is fully automatic, thanks to a serie of digital sensors.

Step 1
of the intertrochanteric distance

We define intertrochanteric distance as the measurement interval between the two major tuberosities of the femur; this distance is critical to the study of pelvis.
uses idmatch Smart Calipers to obtain it.

Step 2
of thigh diameter

The diameter of the thigh compared with the intertrochanteric distance is used to determine the space between the thight and define the shape of the saddle best suited for each person.

Step 3
of the pelvic rotation

The positioning of special supports (located at the base of the “caliper”) on the upper iliac spines enables measurement of the tilt of the pelvis. These data lead us to discover what type of seat can offer the best comfort.

The final result of the measurements is your ideal idmatch size.

Find your dealer on the map and book a scientific measurement to find the size of your ideal saddle.
idmatch is your own comfort.

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