Where can I buy Selle Italia products?

Selle Italia products are sold through a network of specialty bicycle dealers and online through our Premium e-commerce websites. You can buy Selle Italia products from one of our Premium Stores, where you can find the latest Selle Italia news, on a Selle Italia store by visiting the “idmatch dealer” or through one of our Premium e-commerce.
* Check the availability of the product through the shopkeeper before going to the shop.

Where is the nearest Selle Italia dealer?

To find the closest shop to you, please check our Dealer Locator.

How do I know when I need a new saddle?

Like running shoes, saddles wear.  With time, all padding, whether foam or gel, loses its elasticity and does not provide the same level of comfort. Our suggested replacement interval to maintain optimum performance and comfort is after every 7,000 miles of use.  If your bike has been in an accident, be sure to inspect the rails of the saddle thoroughly They can bend upon impact and riding on a saddle with bent rails can cause serious injury.

Which Selle Italia saddles are the most comfortable?

Selle Italia makes many saddles that can alleviate numbness and pain. For those suffering a hyper pressure in the ischial area, we recommend the use of saddles with extra padding or light gel. For those suffering from numbness or an abundance of pressure, any saddle with a Superflow anatomical central cut-out will alleviate this discomfort. Finally, saddles with a waved shape allow riders to sit in a more upright position, and are also very comfortable.

Does Selle Italia make women’s-specific saddles?

Yes, and many of our unisex Performance saddles are well suited for both men and for women, thanks to features such as the Superflow anatomical central cut-out and the short-nosed Boost design. Certain other saddles such as the Diva and the Donna are designed from the ground up to be women’s specific, with a different shape to fit the female pelvic structure. Use our idmatch experience to discover the saddles that best suit your characteristics.

Can I test a Selle Italia saddle before buying it?

Yes. Some Selle Italia dealers participate in our Saddle Test program and have a selection of test saddles that can be installed on your bike for testing prior to purchase. Please visit the idmatch dealer section to locate a Selle Italia dealer that offers the Saddle Test program and call ahead to check on availability.

What kind of guarantee does Selle Italia offer? How does it work?

Selle Italia offers a 2-year (24 months) Warranty against material or manufacturing defects. For complete details, please visit the “Warranty” section of our website.

How can I find the right saddle for me?

Selle Italia, one of the oldest and most trusted brands in cycling, produces hundreds of different saddles for road, mountain, gravel, cyclocross, triathlon, fitness, leisure, urban, and commuting uses. Please browse the categories of our website to see the options that fit your specific use and visit your local Selle Italia dealer to learn more. To find the best saddle for your riding needs from the comfort of your home, please use our online idmatch experience.

What is the difference between a Boost saddle and a traditional saddle?

In Selle Italia nomenclature, “Boost” means the saddle is short nosed compared to traditional saddles, a modification that improves pedaling ergonomics, rider maneuverability, comfort, and performance.  The length of a Boost saddle is approximately 2.7 centimetres shorter than a traditional saddle. For more information, please read our technical data sheet “Why Boost?“.

Which shape of saddle is the best one for me?

Selle Italia’s saddles are created in three distinctive shapes: flat, neutral, and waved. A flat saddle shape is best for riders with a static riding position, whereas neutral and waved shapes accommodate riders with dynamic riding positions and who like a more upright riding experience. Please see the “Focus shape” data sheet to learn more.  To find the best saddle for your riding needs from the comfort of your home, please use our online idmatch experience, or visit your local Selle Italia dealer.

Is there a weight limit for Selle Italia saddles?

Yes. Most of the Selle Italia saddles are tested and guaranteed for a maximum load of 120 kg / 264.5 lbs. Certain “high performance” saddles have a weight limit of 90 kg / 198.42 lbs, as expressly indicated in the specific booklet or Warranty section.

Why are there different saddle sizes?

To accommodate all rider disciplines, genders, shapes, sizes, and flexibilities, Selle Italia products are offered in a variety of idmatch sizes based on a rider’s intertrochanteric distance and pelvic rotation. These are: S1, S2, S3, L1, L2, L3, and U3.

“S” sizes correspond to narrow saddles, “L” sizes correspond to saddles that are wider, and “U” saddles are universal fit for triathlon. The numbers 1, 2, and 3 indicate whether the central part of the saddle has a traditional fill, a small anatomical central cut-out (“Flow”), or a large anatomical central cut-out (“Superflow”).

How can I find the right size of saddle for me?

Selle Italia saddles are scientifically sized using a system called idmatch. To determine your idmatch size, visit our online idmatch experience or contact one of our specialty bicycle dealers to request a 5-minute idmatch smart caliper fitting. Locate a participating dealer here.

I thought I only needed to know the measurement of my ischial bones to identify my saddle size. Why not?

The mere measurement of the ischial bones distance is not enough to determine the correct saddle size; the pelvic rotation must also be evaluated. Our recommendation for determining saddle size is to be measured using the idmatch Smart Caliper. If you cannot go to a Selle Italia dealer for this measurement, please visit the idmatch experience to determine your correct saddle size. Selle Italia’s idmatch scientific measurement system perfectly aligns the morphology of the body with the rider’s equipment.

What’s the difference between a saddle with a cut out (S3, L3) and one without (S1, L1)?

Saddles with an anatomical central cut-out relieve pressure from the perineal area and are ideally suited to riders with a large pelvic rotation, as determined by the idmatch sizing system. Selle Italia’s “Flow” or “Superflow” cut-outs, as they’re known, ensure that a rider with a large pelvic rotation can be comfortably positioned on the saddle whether riding in the drops or on the top of the bars, without numbness or pain.

Can I install a saddle by myself?

Yes, it’s possible to install a saddle by yourself, or if you prefer to have it installed by an expert, please look for your nearest Selle Italia dealer by clicking this link. Selle Italia saddles include a Biomechanical Reference Point (BRP) mark to facilitate the correct placement of a new saddle relative to an old one. We have provided a tutorial dedicated to saddle installation which explains this helpful feature and additional instructions. Please note, the use of unsuitable seat posts can cause the saddle to malfunction and can lead to accidents and personal injury.

What kind of clamping mechanism do I need to install my saddle?

Selle Italia saddles are made with a variety of rail choices, including 7 mm round metallic rails (TI 316, TM Manganese, and FEC Alloy) and carbon fiber rails that are 7 mm wide and 9 mm tall. For safe, correct installation, the clamping mechanism of the seat-post must be compatible to fit the rails of the saddle you choose. It is imperative that the saddle is installed with the correct clamp to fit the dimension of its rails.  Failure to do so will void all warranties.

What is the correct tightening torque for my saddle?

Comply with the torque values indicated by the seat post manufacturers and, nonetheless, avoid exceeding 8 Nm for carbon rails and 15 Nm for metal rails.

Which is the correct inclination of a Selle Italia saddle?

The correct inclination of a Selle Italia saddle is for it to be longitudinally level. A good technique for checking this is to ensure that the bike is not leaning and that the tire pressure is even in both tires, and then to place a rigid support (like a book) at the BRP line on the front of the saddle. A level or inclinometer placed on the book will show if the saddle is level or not.

What are the use and maintenance instructions for Selle Italia products?

To remove dirt and sweat from the saddle, we recommend using a soft cloth dampened with water and a little mild soap. The saddle must not be washed using direct water jets. Leave to dry in the open but away from direct sunlight. Direct and prolonged exposure to UV rays causes the product to age prematurely. Do not use degreasers, diesel, detergents or solvents to clean the saddle. The use of products such as oils and creams may jeopardize the lining’s durability or cause it to wear prematurely. The product may sometimes be noisy due to incorrect fitting or dirt trapped in the areas between the saddle and seat post. In such case, check that the saddle has been correctly fitted and is free of dirt. If the noise persists, apply some silicone lubricant on the rail-saddle and rail-seat post joining zones.

You can find additional information inside the product care booklet and on the “Warranty” section of our website.

What should I do if I need assistance with a product?

Technical information is provided in the “Technical data sheets” section of our website. If you need information regarding the product warranty, please visit the “Warranty” section or contact the closest “idmatch dealer“.

What should I do if I have a question that is not answered here?

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please reach out to us by email to the service center for your country of residence.


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